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Site Policy

This website is operated and managed by Marubeni Automotive Corporation (hereafter "M-AUTO") and its affiliate companies. Please read the following information carefully. Only those that have agreed to abide by the terms and conditions of use are allowed to use this website.

  1. 1. Prohibited activities
    Any action that brings damage to or places third parties or MIYAKO SEITOU at a disadvantage is prohibited. Any action that violates or threatens to violate the trust or reputation of third parties or M-AUTO is prohibited.
  2. 2. Copyrights
    All the copyrights in the content of this website are the property of M-AUTO or are the property of third parties. Excluding the private use or other form of use permitted under copyright laws, any attempt to reproduce, transmit, distribute, modify, or translate into another language any of the content of this website without the expressed consent of the copyright owner is prohibited, and constitutes a copyright infringement.
  3. 3. Trademarks
    All the rights with respect to trademarks, logos, and business names on this website are the property of M-AUTO or their respective owners, and cannot be used without the permission of the owner.
  4. 4. Links

    1.This website can be linked to third party sites or from their sites. In both cases, it is the responsibility of the respective website owner to manage and handle the information provided on their website. M-AUTO is not liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by the use of these websites.

    2.If you would like to link to this website, you must contact M-AUTO beforehand.

  5. 5. Disclaimer

    1.Although M-AUTO takes the utmost care to provide accurate content and information on this website, M-AUTO does not guarantee the accuracy, recency, and safety of the content provided. In addition, M-AUTO holds no responsibility for any of the content provided on this website.

    2.M-AUTO is not liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by the use of this site or the content provided.

Site Policy