Environmental PolicyProfile

Marubeni Automotive Corporation adheres to the fundamental principles and framework of the environmental policy set forth by the Marubeni Group. We strive to fulfill our responsibility as an exemplary corporate citizen, do our utmost to preserve the health of the global environment, and create a prosperous human society in harmony with nature.

Basic Policy

  1. 1.Preserve the natural environment
    In all of its corporate activities, Marubeni Automotive Corporation (hereafter "M-AUTO") gives due consideration to the well-being of the local community and natural ecosystem, and works to prevent pollution.
  2. 2.Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
    M-AUTO complies with international environmental treaties, the environmental laws of Japan and the countries of its partner companies, and self-imposed environmental regulations.
  3. 3.Efficient use of resources and energy
    In order to conserve the limited resources of our earth, M-AUTO strives to gather and release information about the efficient use of resources and energy, as well as continuously review the amount of energy it consumes.
  4. 4.Establish an economic society that is recycling-oriented
    M-AUTO proactively works towards green procurement and the efficient use of waste in order to help create an economic society that is recycling-oriented.
  5. 5.Establishment and continuous improvement of an environmental management system
    M-AUTO aims to construct and implement an environmental management system, and continuously work to improve it, based on this environmental policy.
  6. 6.Dissemination and full disclosure of environmental policy
    This environmental policy will be made known to all board members and employees. M-AUTO will hold lectures and conduct educational activities to ensure that each employee and member understands this policy and how to implement it. M-AUTO will disclose this policy to outside organizations via written publications and other media.