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As corporate social responsibility, we actively put environmental activities into practice in our business fields.

Overview of Our Services

From our expertise in global trading as a member of Marubeni group, we provide automotive aftermarket parts by excellent quality and pricing.
Our items are carefully selected from over 400 automotive components manufactures according to our strict quality standards and manufacturing process standards.
As we pursuit of the simplicity in our business and logistics structure, we accommodated quality and competitiveness in pricing.

Main Items

We provide consumable parts and have business with professional customers such as repair shop and service station.
We will be expanding our lineups in aftermarket parts and supplies.

●Brake pads (Front/ Rear)

●Cabin Filters

●Engine Belts
(V-belt, V-ribbed belt, timing belt)

●Oil Filters

●Air Filter Elements

How to Purchase/ Contact

For corporate Customers

Please contact our Aftermarket parts help desk.

For Customers to purchase via Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping
  (Delivery available only to domestic destinations)