Vehicles and Auto Parts TradingBusiness

We proveide a wide range of solutions in the automotive industry

Support Overview

We offer supply chain management (SCM) making the best use of Marubeni Group's worldwide network and also provide integral services related to supplier development/improvemnt, procurement, marketing, and physical distribution. Our support services cover a wide range of fields, such as: Development, audit, improvement of suppliers; The design, establishment, and management of physical distribution schemes; off-balance sheet treatment of inventories and inventory management; delivery and schedule controlling; sales order reception and ordering; financial services including product payment, receivables/bill collection, and the provision of working capital; counter services concerning procurement and product quality assuarance; the promotion of more effective physical distribution operations; and improvement in the accuracy of operations.

Support Function

From the four perspectives of "People” (work hours), "Space” (storage space), "Cash” (working capital), and "Time ” (lead time for procurement), we help our customers achieve total savings in their business.

1. Planning, preparation, and implementation of trading schemes (including the policy review of finances, legal work, tax matters)
2. Inventory financing (shrinking of customers' balance sheets) and inventory control
3. Delivery and schedule control (utilize FIFO method to process multiple deliveries; material lot numbers and traceability control of first-off products; strict observance of delivery deadlines by collecting shipments and clearing inventory; list delivery status information on company website)
4. Financial service (product payment, receivables/bill collection, provision of working capital through trade finance, settlement of payments in local currency, etc.)
5. Procurement and quality control/assurance (supplier development, QMS and process audit, improvement activity, PPAP data collection, handling claims)