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Marubeni Automotive is a trading company functioning as the automotive parts division of Marubeni Group. We pride ourselves on our “Comprehensive Capabilities,” based on Marubeni Group's global network and broad knowledge, and on our “Professionalism,” as a trading company specializing in automotive parts.
Based on these two elements, our company serves as a perfect partner for our customers, in order to contribute to their business growth in international markets.

A true best partner

Trading Partners

Global Partners
Our company offers supply chain management (SCM) making the best use of Marubeni Group's worldwide network and also provides integral services related to ……read more


Planning and Promotion of Overseas Joint Ventures

Management and Support of Overseas Joint Ventures
Marubeni Automotive has established numerous joint ventures specializing in the production of automotive parts, mainly in emerging countries, in order to ……read more


Environmental and Energy Saving Business

Automotive Aftermarket Parts Business
From our expertise in global trading as a member of Marubeni group, we provide automotive aftermarket parts by excellent quality and pricing.. ……read more